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While excavation may seem like the perfect chance to try out a DIY project, in actuality, it’s highly complex and can cause permanent damage without expert guidance & commercial tools. When you need land excavated from your residential or commercial property, K&K Contracting is the #1 choice for projects throughout St. Louis, MO. Our professionals use industry-approved equipment and have decades of combined experience conducting excavation for land of all sizes. No job is too big or small for our team. Without the help of a professional excavation team, you could sever a water main or permanently damage tree roots and other areas of your property.

Our excavation team at K&K Contracting is fully bonded and insured to give you peace of mind throughout your project. Contact us today to get started.

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Land Clearing

Do you need commercial land prepared for new construction? Does your excavation project require large amounts of dirt to be moved? K&K Contracting is a top-rated excavating contractor in St. Louis, MO that specializes in land clearing for homes and businesses. Clearing your land of any vegetation, loose rubble, and other structures is an important part of any developmental project. With our high-tech equipment and expert techniques, our team will quickly eliminate anything on the surface of your property and ensure everything is level before you break ground.

Whether you’re getting land ready for farming or are managing a new build project, K&K Contracting is the contractor of choice for clients in Missouri and Illinois when it comes to land clearing. Contact us today to learn more about our professional excavation services.

Truck Hauling

Truck hauling is one of the most crucial aspects of any excavation project. Many of our commercial projects handle large quantities of earth that need to be carried to and from a work site to ensure safety and productivity. At K&K Contracting, we offer long-distance and local truck hauling services for both residential and commercial projects throughout Illinois and Missouri. Our drivers have years of experience and training in hauling all kinds of excavated materials; while dirt and rocks are the most common form of materials that require hauling, we also handle the removal and disposal of debris that is left over from a demolition. Let us help keep your project on a set timeline with our efficient and cost-effective truck hauling services. Schedule a consultation with one of our project managers to discuss your job site needs.

We specialize in hauling all types of raw materials from your work site. Get in touch with K&K Contracting to schedule a truck hauling service for your project in Illinois or Missouri. 

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Sitework Services

Sitework is one of our most utilized services at K&K Contracting. This all-inclusive process includes everything from surveying your site to performing soil compaction and excavation services to get your property ready for new construction. Our team has decades of combined experience in the industry to perform a range of sitework services to ensure the health and safety of your land. Once we have secured the relevant permits for your project, our experts can start to develop the site based on your needs. The first thing to do is clear the land of any debris or plant life that is in the way before using heavy machinery to make custom ditches and foundations.

Before starting your construction project, speak with one of our experts to see how our mass excavation services can assist in the process.

Looking for Reliable Excavating Services in the St. Louis Metro Area?

From Site Preparation to Demolition, K&K Contracting Provides Comprehensive Excavation Services for Residential and Commercial Properties. Contact Us to Learn More.

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Construction Demolition

When you need demolition services for your project, it’s important to choose a reliable contractor that can offer safe solutions every step of the way. K&K Contracting is a leader in excavation and demolition for commercial projects throughout Missouri and Illinois. We have worked with dozens of companies to remove concrete structures, pavements, and entire buildings from their construction sites to make room for new builds. Our top-of-the-line equipment and licensed operators are ready to offer controlled demolition services for your upcoming project.

Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and we’ll put together strategic plans that outline your demolition and excavation.

Ditch Excavation

Living in the Midwest means dealing with high amounts of rainwater and snowfall for several months out of the year. In order to protect surrounding farmland, roadways, and buildings, ditches must be excavated throughout communities to properly hold and dispose of excess water. At K&K Contracting, we offer commercial excavation for ditches in both Illinois and Missouri. Our team utilizes the best machinery to create deep and narrow ditches that accompany drainage systems for proper water disposal. To create long-lasting ditches, you’ll need top-of-the-line excavating equipment and a skilled team to shape these ditches along your property to prevent soil erosion and poor curb appeal.

Contact us today to learn about our ditch excavating services for your project.

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Pool Excavation

Enhance your outdoor entertainment space with custom in-ground pool excavation from K&K Contracting. While to the average eye, excavating looks like simply moving dirt around, there is a lot more that goes into creating a safe and long-lasting pool structure. Our pool excavation services include locating water or gas lines, using heavy machinery to dig out your pool, hauling excess dirt away, and ensuring soil conditions are stable. Once the proper measures are set in place, you’ll work directly with our design team to choose the size, shape, and depth of your in-ground pool before excavation begins.

To get a free estimate on our pool excavation services, contact our team. We’ll be glad to provide you with the information you need to choose us as your local contractor.

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